Mission Installation at Laiban Tanay Rizal

Rey Sujetado    

In partnership with Solar Hope, with its 8th Tanglaw project held at Laiban Tanay Rizal, a Mission power station was installed to ensure a constant supply of electricity for Laiban Integrated School.

The purpose of this project is to help students cope and be more competent with the fast-changing and innovative nature of technology.

Giving them enough electricity will help them become more familiar with laptops and PCs. They can create imaginative presentations and learn with other different applications that will help them grow and be competent just like other schools that have the privilege of electricity and technology.

As a Sales Engineer at Power 4 All, it was my first time attending an outreach program to bridge the gaps, improve access to resources, and create positive interaction with the organization and community.


Our technical team is highly particular about the caliber of the work and services we offer to our customers throughout installation. I'm glad to see that they put so much effort into producing a high-quality result. And we're still offering our present and potential customers this caliber of excellence.


The teachers and students from Laiban Integrated School can't hide their joy during the turnover of the system. They express their gratitude in a very sincere manner toward Solar Hope, CGI, and even Power 4 All.

Growing up in a place where you can't enjoy the same privileges as urban communities, such as access to clean water, enough energy, and electricity, instills courage and hope in each of them that one day they will have great opportunities and people will support them as they strive to succeed in this world. This gives them hope for the future.



It is quite advantageous to implement a system in off-grid school settings with the aid of Mission Power Station. In the Laiban neighborhood, parents can once more envision a promising future for their kids.

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