Power 4 All Installs Solar Street Lights to Prevent Future Tragedies

   Kath de la Peña  

Tragedy struck last December 10, 2022 when people from a community in Sta. Ines, Rizal, went to the town center to collect their 4Ps (Pantawid…) from the Local Government.  On the trip back late that night, the jeepney they rode was struck by a flashflood as it traversed one of the river crossings tipping the jeepney its side and killing 8 people including senior citizens and 1 child. 

Image Source: POy PHitz/Facebook

The off-grid roads of Rizal are known to be accident prone due to the absence of lights at night, the rough terrains and the unpredictable behavior of the rivers that cut through several paths.  During rainy seasons the river levels rise to as high as 10ft with strong deadly currents.

To help create safer roads in the area and avoid future tragedies, POWER 4 ALL donated solar street lights to illuminate paths particularly at river crossings where the jeepney accident occurred.  In partnership with Solar Hope, POWER 4 ALL employee volunteers set out to install several solar street lights last February 17, 2024. 

The area was very difficult to access as the volunteers had to cross seven rivers and drive through very rocky terrain.  


Barangay Sta. Ines was very thankful for the support, care and action.  This is why we do what we do. No matter how far these communities are, no matter how many rivers and mountains we will cross, we will reach them and help provide access to CLEAN POWER and CLEAN WATER and continue being a #power4good.

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