Elevating Lives Through Education


Good education has the power to change the quality of a person’s life, and more importantly, his family, community and the nation. The Jollibee Group Foundation (JGF) commitment to education is rooted in helping the Filipino reach his highest potential.

In addition to that, the ISAT U Extension Services Division launched an ISAT U PPIS - Improving Schools Achievement Through Unlimited Power Provision for the Island Schools project. This project is in coordination with the JGF’s goal that is elevating lives of less fortunate families through education.

The Department of Education (DepEd) identified several less fortunate families coming from different islands of Ajuy . These islands were not fully electrified and the JGF donated 226 Solar Lanterns to the residents of each island. The said lantern will at least lift up the quality of life of the residents of these islands because it is powered by solar radiant energy emitted by the sun and it may help students to study during the night time.

The group of faculties coming from different departments of College of Engineering and Architecture will distribute the said Solar Lanterns to the said identified islands. And also, they will be conducting a seminar on Solar Panel maintenance and its proper usages in order for the project to be more sustainable. These may help them on how to appropriately use and upkeep solar panels as well as its repair and troubleshooting for it to be long lasts.

The activity was undertaken by seven (7) faculties from College of Engineering and Architecture, a CEA Extension Chairman together with the Extension Services Division Director. We were accompanied by the School District Supervisor in the person of Dr. Basinang.  The budget for transportation and food was provided by the CEA Extension Council.  

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