Power 4 Dumagats

Arturo Tahup    

Power 4 All is not just a company name or Big Words. It is no less than a commitment to provide renewable energy for all, especially the most vulnerable communities who are suffering from energy poverty like the off-grid Dumagat-Remontado communities in Magata-Manggahan located in the Southern Sierra Madre and the isolated small islands in Guiuan, Eastern Samar.

In the wake of Typhoon Ulysses, ICSC appealed to our partners and friends to lend a helping hand by providing humanitarian renewable energy to affected communities. Power 4 All did not hesitate to donate its solar power systems to ICSC's Typhoon Ulysses Response.

Now, Power 4 All solar power systems are in the hands of Dumagat-Remontado communities and serve as community charging stations.

Commitment is an act not a big word.

Photo Credits: AC Dimatatac and Kathleen Lei Limayo

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