Mission 5100 delivered to Kokoda Track Foundation in Papua New Guinea


Oz Valenton      

Solar Solutions PNG, has recently delivered and installed a Mission 5100 solar power station for Kokoda Track Foundation. The Mission 5100 is a 5kwh system with a battery life of 4,000 cycles which can last at least 10-11 years. The system was designed to be charged via solar panels or ac charging.

It comes with 4 x 275wp panels which can fully charge the system in 5 hours. It also has an expansion option to take up to a total of 8 x 275wp panels for faster charging.



Unlike traditional rooftop systems that take 1-2 days to install, Mission portable power stations only take 1-2 hours to set up. The sleek compact design of the power box consumes less space and protects the electrical parts of the system. There is no noise and no harmful emissions while the system is operating, and the safety features of the system help prevent electrical malfunctions that could cause damage to the system or the building. The user can either connect the appliances straight to the system or they can connect it to the main breaker of the building to power up the existing sockets of the building.

With Mission portable power stations, you can enjoy clean, free, and sustainable energy for many years without worrying about power outages or relying on grid infrastructure.
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