Illuminating the Path for Safer Corridors, Oriental Mindoro

 Oz Valenton   

Power 4 All, Inc. has recently donated solar streetlights to Sikat Solar Challenge Foundation, Inc. who installed the lights in 5 different sitios in Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro with the help of Keep Hope Alive Foundation. 

The team woke up at the crack of dawn and loaded the streetlights on motorcycles to get close to the town before continuing on foot. The municipality of Mansalay is 132 kilometers from Calapan, the capital city of Oriental Mindoro.

The team will be installing these in 5 sitio:
1. Sitio Maunay
2. Sitio Kaisa
3. Sitio Matarayo
4. Sitio Darayao
5. Sitio Padilag


Each sitio is several hours apart and with the furthest sitio being 10 hours away from the town center.

Motorcycles can only take the team so far, the rest of the trip has to be done on foot as the terrain is very rough with steep mountains, dense forests and the conditions are very unforgiving.


The community was all smiles as they greeted the team upon arrival. Each sitio received one solar streetlight each which were installed in the center of the community.

The communities are well-organized with their own local leaders who govern over community affairs including the approval of external projects from partner organizations. Their sources of livelihood are farming, livestock raising and weaving of local products such as bags, bracelets, wallets, and brooms which they sell in Mansalay town.

– Sikat Solar Challenge Foundation, Inc.

Even the harsh heat and long hike was not enough to dampen the smiles of the volunteers as they were motivated with greater purpose to provide these communities with CLEAN POWER for free.



We would like to thank the efforts of the Marilou Cabagay Lozano and Edgar Wal-An through their dedication and hard work to light up the lives of these communities. We would also like to thank Sikar Solar Foundation and Keep Hope Alive Foundation for helping with the leg work to make sure Power 4 All’s donated streetlights reach these communities.

There are many more areas in Oriental Mindoro, and the Philippines that lack access to stable electricity. We hope to be able to continue providing more access to CLEAN POWER and that more partners can join us in our mission for a BRIGHTER FUTURE FOR ALL.

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